In the backend of you site filter for Content plugins, open the Content - Export Article plugin.

  • Set the URL  of the joomla site you want to send an article
  • Set the Autorizarion type (Bearer or X-Joomla-Token)
  • Set the token for access the Webservices of the site you want to send articles
  • Set the category ID where the article you will send will be stored

Configuration settings

Send an article from your current Joomla 4 site (Sender) to the other Joomla 4 site (Receiver)  is just a one click operation.

In the backend of your site (sender) go to Content -> Articles and select the article that you want to send to the (Receiver) site. Once you open the article you'll see on the top right corner a new Button , the Export button.

When you click on it, it will start the the needed check in order to send this article to the (Receiver) site. You can send the same article multiple time, in that case the article on the (receiver) site will be updated.

How to send an article to another Joomlasite