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[4.1] Scheduled Tasks Help

This PR sets the up the help button correctly following the changes made by @bakual This PR removes the help and options buttons from the select task page to be consistent with similar pages such as select new module The language strings are now in place for the help table of contents administrator/index.php?option=com_admin&view=help The help TOC cannot be generated yet to include Scheduled Tasks because of #36713 @tecpromotion sorry forgot the code had changed so you might need to rename the page you created and create a new one for the single task new/edit

brianteeman 2022-01-16T21:00:48Z

[4.1] RELEASE BLOCKER - Help pages

In Order to generate the helpTOC.json correctly for 4.1 we need to run build/helpTOC.php Currently the script fails because it cannot find the MINOR version as called here IIRC there is something that has to be done on to facilitate this but I neither have access nor remember exactly @bakual @bembelimen PS this always gets forgotten when we release a new minor version and should be documented and even better be automated

brianteeman 2022-01-16T21:05:56Z

Text field without xml element for layout rendering

Each field must be created using XML or using PHP. But this text field cannot be created using PHP. Examples: 1.`` 2. ``` $textfield = Joomla\CMS\Form\FormHelper::loadFieldType('text'); $textfield->name = 'user'; $textfield->renderField(); ``` This not working. instead of this method, you can use another method `$textfield->render($textfield->renderLayout,[]);` It doesn't work either. These methods call the text field method `$textfield->getLayoutData()` Inside this method there is a method call `$textfield->getOptions()` And inside this method, data is collected from `$textfield->element` which has the type SimpleXMLElement. This functionality should be called in the `$textfield->Setup()` method. But it is not called there, but is called when called `->renderField();` and `->render();`. Thus, it is not possible to create fields in PHP. [ foreach ($this->element->children() as $option)]( Of course, this can be solved with crutches and props by creating a separate pseudo element with the `SimpleXMLElement` type. or by creating a Layout object separately from the text field object. But this is not normal at all. This is NOT observed in other fields. Moreover, the text field is the base class for many other fields. It is necessary to transfer the call `$textfield->getOptions()` to the method `$textfield->Setup()`

korenevskiy 2022-01-16T23:14:39Z


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