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Google recaptcha not working on login page

### Steps to reproduce the issue Am using 3.10.2 and am enable Google recaptch plugin visible and invisible plugin with set keys in correctly way The issue is the recaptch not shown with login form but it is working with rest password and email. I tried both recaptch methods ( visible and invisible) , both of them not shown with login page. Am trying also with different template, it's same result. ### Expected result ### Actual result ### System information (as much as possible) ### Additional comments

amer1404 2021-10-19T21:10:52Z

Added wildcard option to com_finder

Pull Request for Issue #35861 ### Summary of Changes By default Smart Search searches form the start of the word. This PR adds the option to search for a phrase in the middle of a word. ### Testing Instructions Checkout this PR Create a menu item with menu item type Smart Search -> Search Go to Components -> Smart Search -> Index Open the options and set the Wildcard option in the tab "Smart Search" to On ![Image 8]( Create an article with some long words Go to Components -> Smart Search -> Index and start the indexer In the frontend search for a phrase in the middle of the word ### Actual result BEFORE applying this Pull Request No search results as search terms have to start from the beginnen of a word. ![Image 9]( ### Expected result AFTER applying this Pull Request Search phrase in the middle of a word is found. ![Image 7]( ### Documentation Changes Required Yes

RickR2H 2021-10-19T15:08:53Z

[4.1] Allow User Media Field to be accessible to Registered users (Reworks #19038)

### New PR to redo #19038 Thanks to @stutteringp0et for original PR. #### What it does This small change allows media fields to be used in user profiles, where a user is not authorized for core.create in com_users - they can be authorized in com_media. In conjunction with a filesystem plugin, a user can be granted access to com_media a limited area of the filesystem. This change should not impact anything other than front-end media modals. Currently the change: - requires administrator to enable the permissions for Media component: Registered needs to have Create permissions set to Allow ![image]( - provides the user with the ability to upload an image, but also select ANY media available. A future addition / feature enhancement would be to limit user to only viewing their own media and limit uploading to just a folder for that user. #### Summary of Changes In `plugins/fields/media/media.php` if com_media has core.create permissions, enable the select button. In `components/com_media/src/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php` add a check to see if the user has permissions for core.create on com_media #### Testing Instructions - Create a user custom field of type media with Registered access level permissions. - Editing your profile, the media field will have ~no button to open the media manager~ a Select button, but will not load the Media Manager when clicked because the user has no access. - Apply this change - Go to options for Media - Change the permissions for the "Registered" user group, setting "create" permissions to "Allow". ![image]( - The user is now given ~the "Select"~ access to the Media Manager when they go to select an image. #### Before Patch applied Media manager will not load due to permissions issue ![image]( #### Expected result Media manager loads due to Registered Users having core.create permissions set on com_media ![Uploading image.png…]()

particthistle 2021-10-19T13:56:49Z


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