SQL or NoSQL, i'll try to give you enough information about how "NoSQL databases" works, to let you answer the question: "Make sense for my next project considering a NoSQL database ?

I'll start illustrating the "Big Data" and his properties, as one of the keypoints of "NoSQL" movement rise. One of the common characteristics of NoSQL Databases is that they don't use the well known relational model,each nosql solution can be categorized in four data-models: key-value, column, document and graph. Illustrate an example modelled using the typical RDBMS (fixed schema) and how can be designed in a schemeless fashion (document), how relations are managed, what are the pros and cons. acid vs base.The Data Distribution Models , The NoSQL is designed to suite well on a cluster of commodity servers, let's go a little bit deeper to concepts like replication , sharding, and scalabilty, let's compare the horizontal scalability vs vertical scalability. One of the biggest changes from a relational database to Nosql database is on level of consistency. I'll try to give an overview of the Cap theroem, what it means in term of acid vs base. Using as an example the various scenario that can happen regarding read/write conflicts.




J and Beyond May 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic