You can add a video from Youtube, a map from google map and proctect contact from spam with spam detection. The Joomla! core contact lacks this features so AContact Manager was developed to add this extra features to the Joomla contact component. 

Google Map

You can associate a amp from Youtube to your contact item, it can be simple map or a route map

Youtube Video

You can associate a video from Youtube to your contact item

Spam Detection

Using several anti-spam webservices like :ProjectHoneyPot, Botscout, StopforumSpam, FSpamList, SpamHaus, Spamcop, Sorbs, Akismet, Mollom, and Defensio, AContact help to fight spam. Before a contact mail was submitted these services are queryied to know if the submitter is already trapped by these antispam services denying contact submission, even if the submitter was recognized as good the message text is then evaluated.

Joomla! 2.5Download our AContact Manager for Joomla! extensions for free, just a Tweet.

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Task automation on Joomla

The Zoombie application allows to schedule and automate in a easy way some tedious and repetitive task that every webmaster need to do in order to mantain a Joomla! website. The most classical example is the backup task, but there are still a lot of areas that needs some automation

How to schedule task

Plot your Data

If you like to understand from data in a visual form like me, than you should like these examples made using the Google Chart API with data from a Joomla! site, we compare articles users and categories performances an a daily basis...

Chart with Google API

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